Margaret Ann Gowdy1

F, #1585, b. 27 February 1871
Father*Francis Gowdy1 b. 1817, d. 1882
Mother*Ann Boyd1,2 b. 11 Dec 1828, d. 9 Apr 1913
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Margaret Ann Gowdy was born on 27 February 1871 at Burford, Brant, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Francis Gowdy and Ann Boyd.1,3 Margaret Ann Gowdy married John Wall on 3 September 1904 at Brant, Ontario, Canada.4,5
     As of 3 September 1904,her married name was Wall.


John Wall b. c 1861
Marriage*Margaret Ann Gowdy married John Wall on 3 September 1904 at Brant, Ontario, Canada.4,5 
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    2. Ann BOYD (James BOYD1) was born 11 DEC 1828 in IRELAND, and died 9 APR 1913 in BURFORD TOWNSHIP,
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    Children of Ann BOYD and Sandford STROWBRIDGE are:
    Children of Ann BOYD and Francis GOWDY are:
    + 3 i. Mary STROBRIDGE was born WFT Est. 1846-1869, and died WFT Est. 1868-1953.
    + 4 ii. Jane STROWBRIDGE was born 22 MAY 1851 in CANADA, and died 24 JAN 1921 in BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA.
    + 5 i. William Francis GOWDY was born 16 AUG 1867 in BRANT COUNTY, ONTARIO, CANADA, and died 6 JUN 1929.
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    father:Francis Gowdy
    mother:Ann Boyd
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