When I first started my genealogical hobby I selected Family Tree Maker v16 (FTM) for my database tool. Not really for any good reason. It was suggested to me and I didn't have a better suggestion.

For various family reasons there was a rush to get things going so I started entering the information I had into FTM. I didn't enter much of the source information as it was a lot of work and I didn't really have a good plan for it. I felt this could be entered later.

After I had been involved with genealogy for 9 months I came to the conclusion the best way to share my information was via the Internet. I realized the information would be continuously changing. Almost everyone has internet access so the latest information would be available to everyone. When I found out how relatively inexpensive it was I jumped on board with Host Papa as my site hosting service.

Because I didn't have a good way of going from Family Tree Maker to the website I put up the two sets of photo's that are included on this site as Aunt Carrie's Postcards and the Birch Album. It was intended as a short term placeholder until I could do something decent.

Shortly afterward I got tied up with my consulting work and, despite my good intentions, nothing happed with the web site. I did keep collecting genealogical information and entering it into FTM. And a lot of it included source information although not entered in a very good way.

Finally as Christmas 2008 was approaching I felt I really had to get my act together and get something published even if it wasn't perfect. I looked at various genealogical database products and web site creation products. This time with more care and awareness than when I started. I finally selected the combination of The Master Genealogist v7 (TMG) as the database and Second Site v2.2 (SS) as the website creation tool. Both tools are very flexible and support both a very comprehensive database and customized web site with many features.

I transferred the information from FTM to TMG. Mostly the automated transfer went well but there were issues. Many of the source citations were mangled and do not show up very well. Also the identification of people as living or dead is not always correct. And there are formatting and other issues you will see as you view the website.

I am gradually getting things cleaned up. I am incrementally adding individuals from my database to the web site. Some information (e.g., living or dead) is corrected at that time. Other information such as sources is a MUCH longer term project. I am also trying to put some emphasis on all the related information about people and places but this will also be a long term project.

I hope you enjoy the site and come back often to see its progress.