My mother, Marjorie Carolyn (Caro) Boyd nee Hartle, started her family genealogical research after her retirement in 1976.

Actually, she had probably been interested in her family all her life but her retirement gave her the opportunity and the means to pursue her interest.

Her genealogical reserch consisted of travel and the use of others to help. She travelled through Canada and the US. As she didn't drive she took the bus which somewhat limited her mobility. A couple of relatives, Norma Raynor on the Hartle side and Betty Allen on the Boyd side aided her with her research.

During her retirement she wrote a number of documents about her views and findings including one called Family covering her genealogical research. Actually, like many of her writings, it was a mixture of specific genealogical facts, historical context information, and fantasy and conjecture. She wrote an article for Hartle Heritage called The Red Stag on the Hill - Hartle which was published in Vol. I No. 3 (Fall 1998) newsletter.

Her original documents were all a mixture of typewritten and handwritten. You do remember typewritters don't you? Anyway in 1996 and 1997 I entered Family into the computer using MSWord and created a database and report covering all persons using MSAccess.

Mother had macular degeneration and was legally blind from about 1997 onward. Her ability to persue her genealogy hobby declined until she pretty much gave it up in 2002.