My name is William Robert Thomas Boyd although I usually go by Bob.

I retired in June of 2006 although I do consulting from time to time. After my mother passed in December of 2006, I became interested in my family's history and took up the hobby. I was very lucky to have the fruits of my mothers labours available as a starting point.

My personal background is technical and I have spent most of my life working with computers so I had a big leg up in that area. There is a lot of genealogical research that can be done using the Internet. As well technology is extremely useful in managing and documenting one's research.

Genealogy can be a great hobby. In both 2007 and 2008 I took vacations which took me to places my relatives had lived as well as places to do research such as the Canadian Archives in Ottawa and the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I have had the opportunity to correspond with a lot of great people who also have a family interest.

This website is my way of documenting my research for my family and maybe giving something to others.