Dedicated to my mother who believed you were alive as long as someone knew your name.

This site is for sharing information with respect to my relatives with relatives, friends, and those interested in our history. It includes genealogical information, family history, and pictures.


My father was a Boyd and my mother was a Hartle. Hence the title. However we all have many ancestors so you may find a lot more names here other than Hartle or Boyd. This site also includes historical information for many cousins and indirect relations. I'm also open to including good period information where it is relevent to the family history. Contributions that fit the purpose and intent of the site are welcome and encouraged.

Under Construction

This site is, and will be, under construction for some time. Please check back reqularly. I have included dates for the latest updates on the main page and individual person pages. The menu item Indices/Recent Updates shows the most recently updated person pages.


Comments, suggestions, corrections, updates, and contributions are welcome. I can be reached at the email address shown below. Each page also has an email link that conveniently includes the topic in the subject.


The exhibits have been sumarized in the citations and not included on this web site.  Contact me if you wish to see the original exhibits.

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