Frank Lionel Hesse

M, #1098, b. 29 June 1900, d. circa 1979
Father*Corydon Ashton Hesse b. 3 Jul 1880, d. 27 Nov 1948
Mother*Hattie May Hartle b. 31 May 1880, d. 11 Nov 1966
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Frank Lionel Hesse was born on 29 June 1900 at Stormont, Ontario, Canada, son of Corydon Ashton Hesse and Hattie May Hartle.1 Frank Lionel Hesse married Renie Cox Unknown after 1920.2 Frank Lionel Hesse died circa 1979.3


Renie Cox Unknown b. c 1902, d. c 2006
Last Edited11 Jan 2014


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    Hess Frank Lionel m june 29 1900 s/o Hess Corydon Ashton and Hartle Hattie May.
  2. [S31] Various, Genealogy Researcher,
    Claire Hesse: We don’t know too much about Cory’s family, but we did have a close relationship with Lionel and his wife Renie Cox Hesse. And Cory died in Vancouver when my husband was only 15 years old. We always thought Cory came to Canada via the U.S. possibly New York under suspicious circumstances. Lionel died in 1979 and Renie in 2006 at the age of 103.
  3. [S31] Various, Genealogy Researcher,
    Claire Hesse:Lionel died in 1979 and Renie in 2006 at the age of 103.
  4. [S12] Government of Canada, 1901 Census of Canada,
    Family was living in same domicile as Roland M Hess
    Hess Cory A head born july 3 1880
    Hattie M wife may 31 1880
    Frank L son june 29 1900
    Florence G adopted daughter june 6 1896.
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    Hesse Cory July 1880
    Hattie May 1880
    Lionel June 1900.
  6. [S75] Government of Canada, 1921 Census of Canada,
    Hesse Cory 40
    Hattie 40
    Lionel 20
    Earl 7
    Living next door to her parents.