Lloyd Boyd Salter1

M, #1239, b. 13 February 1906, d. March 1995
Father*Samuel Salter b. 23 May 1861, d. 29 Sep 1944
Mother*Ena Lova Boyd b. 26 Mar 1868, d. 25 Apr 1924
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Lloyd Boyd Salter was born on 13 February 1906 at Carman, Dufferin, Manitoba, Canada, son of Samuel Salter and Ena Lova Boyd.2 Lloyd Boyd Salter married Ada Wood. Lloyd Boyd Salter died in March 1995 at age 89.3


Ada Wood
  • Arlene Salter
Last Edited22 Jun 2014


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    REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1906-1545794
    Last Name: SALTER
    Given Names: LLOYD
    Sex: MALE Date of Birth: 13/02/1906
    MOTHER'S DETAILS Maiden Last Name: BOYD Given Names: ENA LOVA.
  3. [S31] Various, Genealogy Researcher,
    Kathy Erickson:
    Lloyd Salter died in March of 1995. His wife was Ada Wood and their daughter, my mother, Arlene Erickson.
    They lost their family bible and whatnot in the fire at the farm at Carman and so Lloyd didn't have a birth certificate. He was never sure if he had a middle name. One of his brothers had to vouch for him when he had to get a passport. However, rumour has it that his middle name COULD have been Boyd.
  4. [S13] Government of Canada, 1906 Census Western Canada,
    Salter Samuel 46 man
    Eno Lovel 29 ont
    Samuel R 18 USA immigrated 1888
    Orris W 13 man
    Percival S 11
    Inez Irena 9
    Osker R 7
    Ena L U 5
    Loyd B feb 1906
    William R brother 54
    Richard J T father 87 england immigrated 1846.
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    Salter Samuel may 23 1862 man
    Ena Lora march 28 1869 ont
    Ories Wm june 1893 man
    Percy S february 1895 man
    Ina april 1897 man
    Oscar R january 1899 man
    Ena Lora march 1901 man
    Loyd B march 1906 man
    Frank may 1908 man.
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    Salter Samuel 58
    Samuel R 27
    Ena L 47
    Percy S 21
    Oscar R 17
    Ena L 15
    Loyd 10
    Floyd F 8
    Ruby E 4.