Eliza Jane Mathewson

F, #1404, b. circa 1842, d. between 1892 and 1932
Father*Hugh Mathewson b. c 1812, d. 4 Mar 1879
Mother*Ann Locke b. c 1815, d. 11 Dec 1892
RelationshipGreat-grandaunt of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Eliza Jane Mathewson was born circa 1842 at Ireland, daughter of Hugh Mathewson and Ann Locke.1,2 Eliza Jane Mathewson married Jacob Wynne on 8 February 1860 at Bruce, Ontario, Canada.3,4 Eliza Jane Mathewson died between 1892 and 1932.
     She Lived in a log shanty 12x16 with the family of 8. in 1851 at Kincardine Twp, Bruce, Ontario, Canada. As of 8 February 1860,her married name was Wynne.


Jacob Wynne b. c 1836
Marriage*Eliza Jane Mathewson married Jacob Wynne on 8 February 1860 at Bruce, Ontario, Canada.3,4 
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