Jacob Cornelisz Dewitt1

M, #2565, b. 7 February 1589, d. 10 January 1674
Father*Cornelius Fransz Dewitt b. 30 Apr 1545, d. 3 Apr 1622
Mother*Johanna Andriesdr Heymans b. 12 Jan 1546, d. 24 May 1602
Relationship9th great-granduncle of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Jacob Cornelisz Dewitt was born on 7 February 1589 at Netherlands, son of Cornelius Fransz Dewitt and Johanna Andriesdr Heymans.2 Jacob Cornelisz Dewitt died on 10 January 1674 at Netherlands at age 84.2
     He was Burgemeester of Dordrecht at Dordrecht, Netherlands. Dordrecht born February 7, 1589, died there January 10 1674 Youngest son of Cornelis de Witt Fransz (1545-1622), including the mayor of Dordrecht and Johanna Heymans (1547-1602). Wedding on October 9, 1616 in Dordrecht with Anna Maria van den Corput (1599-1645). From this marriage seven children, three of whom are very young deceased. Johanna (1617-1692), Maria (1620-1681), Cornelis (1623-1672) and Johan de Witt (1625-1672) reached adulthood. Jacob was the brother of Deputy State Attorney Andries de Witt.

Jacob de Witt was an influential regent, lord of Melissant, Cromstrijen and Manizee, timber merchant, ships, eight, Oudraad, Forty and six times mayor of Dordrecht. He has also held top local functions. His character is described as rigid, his way of life as a sober. Familiar minister Peter Wassenburgius (1587-1655) calls him pious, respectable and "kerckelijk. Jacob was religious but not dogmatic extremists. Without decrying the Remonstrants he sided with Prince Maurice (1567-1625) and Counter-Remonstrants. During file strife According to Pastor James Borstius (1612-1680) in his old age, he was shy. Jacob maintained friendships with, among others, rector Gerardus Vossius, pensionary and poet Jacob Cats, pastor Andreas Colvius, Dr Johan van Beverwijck and rector Isaac Beeckman.

Jacobs education focused on piety, intellectual civilization and imperturbability. After receiving home education, he enrolled at the Latin School, under the rectorship of Gerardus Joannes Vossius (1577-1649). Jacob PhD on June 21, 1616 in Law at Leiden University, probably immediately after his grand tour that brought him to Germany., Italy, France and England for several years Contrary to what was common for lawyers, he has not let admitteren as a lawyer at the Court of Holland but he went in the timber trade. That timber trade he inherited in 1614. She was located between the Grotekerksbuurt where the residence of the family was (current numbers 21 and 23) and the Houttuinen. Jacob seems to have been no proper timber merchant because the company delivered little. He was called "the Banck soot merchant 'called. Perhaps that forests play in two phases was liquidated: one part was sold in 1633, the rest in 1651.

His managerial career began in 1618 when he was elected to the College of eight and a member of the Oudraad. Jacob de Witt was at home in the financial world because in 1618 he was treasurer of the Synod of Dort, and later he worked officially concerned with money matters. He was recipient of the regional taxes (1625-1637), Member of the Court of Holland (1643-1645), Member of the Court to Audition Holland in Zuiderkwartier (1643-1646) and as of May 4, 1657 counsel and accountant the accounts of the domains of the States of Holland. In 1620 the membership of the committee of forty followed. He also obtained an appointment to dijkgraaf of Mijnsheerenland. Between 1620 and 1637 he was ten times ships. That he was in sight, nor did the fact that he attended on behalf of the States of Holland's funeral the Friese governor Count Ernst Casimir (1573-1632).

Jacob was also involved. With ecclesiastical matters He was at the South Holland Synod of 1634 on behalf of the commissioner classis Dordrecht. Two periods he was Committed Board Zuiderkwartier (1637-1639 and 1649-1650). From 1648-1649 he represented Dordrecht in the States of Holland and the region. Jacob de Witt
Gender: Male
Birth: 7 Feb 1589 - Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Marriage: Spouse (o) t (e) or partner: Anna van den Corput - Oct 9, 1616
Death: Jan 10, 1674 - Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Father: Cornelis de Witt Fransz
Mother: Johanna Andriesdr Heymans
Wife: Anna van den Corput
Children: Maria de Witt, Cornelis de Witt, Johan de Witt, Frans de Witt, Frans de Witt, Johanna de Witt
Brothers / sisters: Andries de Witt, Lidia Cornelisdr de Witt, Alith Cornelisdr de Witt, Cornelia Cornelisdr de Witt.3
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    BIRTHABT 1620
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