Edward Doty1

M, #3008, b. 14 May 1598, d. 23 August 1655
Relationship8th great-grandfather of William Robert Thomas Boyd
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     Edward Doty was born on 14 May 1598 at Suffolk, England.1 He married Faith Clarke on 9 January 1635 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, America.2,3 Edward Doty died on 23 August 1655 at Yarmouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, America, at age 57.1 He was buried circa 26 August 1655 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, America.
     He was found on a passenger list on 6 September 1620 at England; Aboard the Mayflower arriving Plymouth November 9, 1620.4 He left a will on 20 May 1655 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, America.5
     Research Note:
1 Faith Clarke was Doty's second wife. He had no known children with his first wife, and she may have died young. Neither her name nor anything more has been found out about this wife.."[16]

Per Banks, the register of St. Mary-le-Strand, London, gives the marriage of an Edward Dowty and Wynifryd Waryner, dated December 12, 1613 which may possibly be the first wife of Edward Doty. (5 July 2015.)6


Faith Clarke b. 6 Jan 1619, d. 21 Dec 1675
Marriage*Edward Doty married Faith Clarke on 9 January 1635 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, America.2,3 
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    Indentured servant
    Aug 23 1655
    Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA
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    2. He married Faith Clarke on January 9, 1635. Faith was the daughter of Thurston (Tristram) and Faith Clarke, arriving on the ship "Francis" in 1634. Since several of Doty's court cases involved Thurston and George Clarke, it would appear that some of his legal situations, including fights, were the result of in-law domestic problems. Bradford stated that Doty "by a second wife hath seven children, and both he and they are living." They later had two more children.[19][1]
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    Doty, Edward, (possibly Lincolnshire) age probably about 21, servant to Stephen Hopkins.
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    Edward Doty made out his will on May 20, 1655, calling himself “sicke and yet by the mercye of God in perfect memory.” His will was witnessed by John Howland, John Cooke, James Hurst, and William Hoskins. Doty signed his will with a mark. This was how he signed all his property deeds as he never learned to write.[17][22]

    Doty died on August 23, 1655 in Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony and was buried at Burial Hill Cemetery where there is an existent memorial stone for him.[23]

    His estate inventory was dated November 21, 1655 mentioning his wife, his son Edward and other unnamed sons. His will was presented to the court on March 5, 1655/6.[17][24]
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    John was born about 1638 and died May 8, 1701 in Plymouth. He married:

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    2. Sarah Jones on November 22, 1694 in Plymouth and had three children.
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    Thomas was born about 1640 and died in December 1678 in Plymouth. He married Mary Churchill by 1675 and had three children.

    On January 17, 1671 Mary Churchill confessed she had gotten pregnant by Thomas, son of Edward Doty, with whom she had "carnall coppulation" three times – first time on July 15, second time on August 8 and the third was about "senight" after. A sergeant went to Mary Churchill's house, found Doty there and took him into custody. Doty was warned to "take heed lest evil come of such carriages". Mary Churchill was fined and at the time of his court hearing Doty fled the colony, but the two finally married about the time of the birth of their first child.
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    Desire was born about 1645 and died on January 22, 1731 in Marshfield. She was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield, Massachusetts.

    She married:
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    2. Israel Holmes on November 24, 1681 in Marshfield and had two children. He drowned in 1684.
    3. Alexander Standish by 1689 and had three children. His father was Pilgrim Myles Standish. His first wife Sarah was a daughter of Mayflower passenger John Alden.
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    Elizabeth was born about 1646 and died on April 7, 1742 in Marshfield Massachusetts.

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    2. William Carver on January 28, 1718/9 in Marshfield but had no children.
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    Joseph was born on April 30, 1651 in Plymouth and died in Rochester about 1732.

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