Thomas Pilsworth Carter

M, #328, b. 24 December 1891, d. 30 October 1955
Father*Edward Carter b. b 1871
Mother*Hannah Maria Gordon b. b 1876
     Thomas Pilsworth Carter was born on 24 December 1891 at Tecumseth Twp, North York, Ontario, Canada, son of Edward Carter and Hannah Maria Gordon.1 Thomas Pilsworth Carter married Alice Gertrude Hartle, daughter of Donald John Hartle and Sarah Alice Clark, on 24 August 1921 at Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.2 Thomas Pilsworth Carter died on 30 October 1955 at Dundalk, Grey, Ontario, Canada, at age 63.1 He was buried on 1 November 1955 at Proton Cemetery, Dundalk, Grey, Ontario, Canada.3,1
     He Coming here in March, 1921, he bought the
practice of Dr. James McWilliam, a pioneer medical
doctor here on his retirement, and later purchased
the McWilliam residence, which has since served as
his home and office. He graduated from the University of
Toronto in 1919 and served in the Canadian Army
while interning in Toronto General Hospital. He
practised in Minden while relieving another doctor
for a short time. Before coming to Dundalk in 1921
he practised at Bolton.
Of splendid physique, Dr. Carter was quite active
in his university days as a boxer. He was also a
baseball player and in his early years here he played
on the local team, mostly as a pitcher, being
lefthanded. His favourite sports were fishing and
hunting. Especially in his early years here he went
through mud and snow and storm to minister to his
patients when only a stout-hearted individual would
have attempted such hazardous and trying trips. If it
was humanly possible to get through he would get
there and hundreds of patients placed great reliance
on him. Dr. Carter served for a short time on Dundalk
Council and was Medical Officer of Health at the time of his demise. He was a member of Dundalk
Lodge No. 449, A.F. & A.M., of the Anglican
Church and the Canadian Legion. on 30 October 1955.4


Alice Gertrude Hartle b. 17 Jun 1898, d. 15 Mar 1968
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