Eleanor Hartle1

F, #70, b. 1808, d. after 1853
Father*Adam Hartle UEL b. 20 Dec 1757, d. 14 Feb 1845
Mother*Maria Ann Dewitt b. 17 Mar 1770, d. 7 Sep 1837
Relationship2nd great-grandaunt of William Robert Thomas Boyd
     Eleanor Hartle was born in 1808 at Ontario, Canada, daughter of Adam Hartle UEL and Maria Ann Dewitt. Eleanor Hartle married Isaac Laird on 20 January 1836.2 Eleanor Hartle died after 1853.
     She unable to read or write in 1828. As of 20 January 1836,her married name was Laird. She petitioned for a land grant at Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada on 10 February 1850.3 She received scrip for 200 acres of land on 22 April 1850.


15 January 1852Cornwall Twp, Stormont, Ontario, Canada4


Isaac Laird d. bt 1846 - 1850
Marriage*Eleanor Hartle married Isaac Laird on 20 January 1836.2 
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    Adam of Cornwall OC 5 feb 1823
    Michael of Cornwall OC 15 march 1838
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    Your Petitioner therefore prays that an order in Council be granted in her favor for Forty Pounds Land Scrip in lieu of said Claim for Land
    certify that Eleanor Hartle personally appeard before the adjourned Session this day and was recognized by the Magistrates as the daughter of the late Adam Hartle an UE Loyalist who retained his loyalty during the late war without suspicion of aiding or assisting the enemy and that he died in the year 1848 being there upwards of eighty years of age and that Eleanor Hartle the Petitioner aforesaid is now forty two years of age.
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    Mrs. Isaac Laird age 44
    Adam Laird age 14
    Mary Jane Laird age 16
    Mary Margaret Laird age 6
    Elizabeth Hartle age 60
    John Hartle age 63

    all born UC and CofE.