Claes Nicholas Dewitt1,2

M, #715, b. 1594, d. 7 June 1663
Father*Andries Dewitt b. 16 Jun 1573, d. 26 Nov 1637
Mother*Elizabeth van den Honert b. b 1579
Relationship8th great-grandfather of William Robert Thomas Boyd
ChartsWilliam Robert Thomas Boyd Pedigree
Marjorie Carolyn Hartle Pedigree
     Claes Nicholas Dewitt was born in 1594 at Netherlands, son of Andries Dewitt and Elizabeth van den Honert. Claes Nicholas Dewitt married Taatje Cornelisz Van Lueven, daughter of Cornelis Pieterzen Van Lueven, circa 1618 at Netherlands. Claes Nicholas Dewitt died on 7 June 1663 at Kingston, Ulster, New York, America.
     He Prior to his immigration to America near the end of his life, predicated upon his reported death on 7 June 1663 at Wyldwick, New York, Claes (Nicholas) De Witt, based on the information provided by A. J. F. Van Laer, resided in Groatholdt by Esens in Emberland, which was just a few miles northeast of Emden, the sea port in East Friesland, Netherlands.

This East Friesland is not to be confused with the East Friesland in Germany. Please see the notes under Tjerck Classen De Witt for further clarification. RAJ

"Nicholaas or Claes De Witt is known to have resided in Grootholt, Oosterbeus & Esens... His wife was Tjeatje Cornelisz, daughter of Cornelis Pieterz..." (material received 16 August 2001 from Vona E De Witt Smith, 2288 Gale Avenue, British Columbia, V3K 2Y8, Canada)

Ancestral File gives the parents of Nicholaes De Witt to be Jan De Witt, born about 1565 and Jacomina Van Barestijne, married on 18 February 1590 in Dordrecht, Zuid Holland, Netherlands. RAJ on 6 August 2012.3

     Research Note: It is curious that the date and location of his death is the same date as the indian massacre of child Ida and her family. (6 August 2012.)


Taatje Cornelisz Van Lueven b. 1596, d. bt 1637 - 1686
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