Short answer on haplogroups:

yDNA is A3b2

mtDNA is J1c8


As it turns out I have had a lot of DNA tests.  My initial reason was the roadblock I had reached with my fathers line.  I really didn't know anything about it at the time so I bit when was pushing DNA testing.   I had been using them for genealogy research so it seemed reasonable.  I ordered their most comprehensive test, 47-markers for y-DNA and mtDNA.

 The test results were very unsatisfactory.  My yDNA haplogroup was given as I1b and my mtDNA haplogroup as J.  No matches.  When I tried to confirm the yDNA haplogroup by comparing the results with known allele count ranges (for European men) I got a basic "no known haplogroup" or "these results are impossible".  I then found out about the Boyd DNA Project at FTDNA and found my results matched many Boyd's classified with haplogroup A.  So I decided to join the Boyd DNA Project and got the FTDNA 67-marker test along with their extended mtDNA test (HVR1&2).

So far so good.  Lots of yDNA matches but any research on the Boyd Project matches or many other sites (e.g., didn't turn up any case where a confirming paper trail could be found.

At about this time Vince Vizachero was looking for haplogroup A people to test more extensively so I volunteered.  The test he was proposing was done by 23andME.  They test about half a million SNP's across the entire genome instead of the selected STR's tested by or FTDNA.  Their focus at the time was mostly on health issues where the other companies were focused on genealogy.  They have now changed that and have added capability to compare test results for relationship matches.

In late 2009 FTDNA offered a special deal on mtDNA full sequencing where they provide a complete test of the mitocondrial DNA.  I ordered the test and now have a complete sequence. 

In 2010, to clear up any lingering questions of haplogroup, I ordered FTDNA to do an SNP test to confirm haplogroup.  They did and the result came back A3b2 as had been predicted.

In 2011, I obtained from FTDNA their Relative Finder test and an upgrade of the yDNA test to 111 markers.  The Relative Finder test is similar to that performed by 23andME.